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 Puppy Pricing & the Difference Between Back Yard Breeders and a Reputable Quality Health Tested Breeder

"In life you get what you pay for"


"You pay one way or another"

Two very old adages and very true

     When making that important decision on which is the right pup to add to your family there are plenty of things one must consider.  Price is important, however you will pay one way or another.  We don't believe in taking chances or cutting corners.  If you are interested in a quality completely health tested dog, then you're in the right place.  If you are not please look elsewhere.  We breed very selectively and very rarely.  We breed when we want a pup and for the betterment of the breed.  We do not make money, and don't treat it as a money making enterprise.  The following will give you an understanding on how pricing is determined, and why our pups are worth every penny and more.  If you don't think you are getting a pup worth more than the purchase price, then please do not get one from us.  We are interested in adding extended family to ours through the adoption of our pups.

     A typical back yard breeder or even a show breeder that isn't committed to the health and welfare of your pup will not do the following nor have to incur the costs associated.  Thus they sell pups far cheaper that we do.  You take the chance that you fall in love with the pup and then sometime well short the age your pup should live to, you find yourself facing a tough choice to pay thousands and  thousands and thousands of dollars, or even worse lose that special member of the family.

     The Great Dane Club of America recommends that a responsible breeder conducts at a minimum testing the following 4 areas:  Heart, Hips, Eyes, & thyroid.  Even with these areas there are the minimum testing and expanded testing.

First: Heart, the minimum test is an Auscultation or simply just listening to the heart for a murmur that will cost between $50-$100.  This can be helpful for the obvious murmur, however is is virtually useless in determining if there are many different types of heart problems.  In order to properly test you need a full echo-cardiogram be performed.  The cost is between $300 - $500.  We only test using the full Echo.

Second: Thyroid.  There is a minimum blood panel that can be run with a typical cost of $100-$200, and an expanded panel with a cost of $200 - $300, which is what we use.

Third: Eyes a CERF test will run between $50 - $100.

Fourth: Hips, this can be done with OFA or Penn Hip. $350 - $500.

In order for a Dog to get its CHIC number all 4 of these tests must be performed and their results must be made available to the public.  If you see a dog have all but one of the tests you need to wonder why.  Sometimes its because they failed.

In addition we DNA test all of our dogs, and have them entered into the Canine Research Data Base, additional $ spent to better the breed.

     Above and beyond all the health testing done on our Bitch, we require those tests be performed upon the Sire as well.

     Many BYB's cite all the champions in a pedigree, usually they like to go back 5 generations to get that number up.  Showing is a way of proving the quality of your breeding stock and the quality of the puppies you produce.  The mere fact that one has a champion title doesn't make that dog proper breeding stock.  It helps, but is not dis-positive   However the greater the level of success  such as Grand Championships  and even higher levels of awards, and titles do indicate the quality of a dog and come at a significant price.  The farther you get back in a pedigree the less you get in the pup.  What is behind the Sire/Dam is important but what is in the first three generations is most important.

     If you want a quality stud, that meets these strict requirements, then they too want to be fairly compensated.  Those fees run $1,000 - $2,000 and up, and significantly up, including the return of a pick pup from the litter.  Then there is the cost to ship the seamen.  If frozen it averages $500, and chilled can be as expensive if you include collection costs.

     Before even being able to pick the date to breed, there are prenatal test and in particular a deep vaginal culture that is done a month prior to heat.  Cost $100 - $200.  Without this you can put the pups at risk to their life and general health.  Then there is the progesterone testing which average $1,000 all to find that correct day to do the insemination.  Add that to the costs of the surgical insemination or AI procedure  another $500 - $1000.  

     Then there is the prenatal care and check ups, all the proper supplies and even if everything is done correctly you can still have the need for an emergency C-Section.  Cost $2,000 and up.  And of course there is all the other supplies and food and time and love that goes into breeding.

     Now if you want someone that buys a Bitch, finds the cheapest stud or even worse buys a Dog and uses that dog not because it is the best choice but rather because they don't have to pay a stud fee.  Then does no testing, or incomplete testing, lets them go at it naturally and sell off the pups that survive at 8 weeks old and make the new owners bear the costs of their shortcuts.  You can get a pup far cheaper.  Any guarantee is only as good as the person that is standing behind it.  What good is a guarantee that can never be fulfilled.

    We never require the return of the pup.  If you cant keep the pup we will always take it back so that that dog never ends up in a shelter or rescue.  We also offer a partial money back option.  I do not know of any other breeders willing to put their money where their mouth is, as they say.  You can take all the precautions in the world and still have a problem.  And you can take all the chances in the world and get lucky.  For us its a simple choice we are breeding for quality healthy dogs with the least chance of problems.

    All of our pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract and will range between $2,000 and $2,500.  Athena pups from her 2013 will be$2,500 base price.  If the pup is cropped then the buyer bears the cost of the cropping, which is generally $350.  Included in that price are many things that most other breeders don't provide and thus do add to the cost you ultimately pay for the pup.  So its important that you compare apples to apples.  We have all puppies dew claws done by a vet, and have at least 2 vet examinations before any pup leaves our home.  The vet does all vaccines with fresh vaccines  not cheap out of date vaccines ordered by mail or over the internet.  We have all pups micro-chipped and have a lifetime registration, cost $50 which is included.  We pay for AKC registration another $50-60 value.  We provide a full 28 lb bag of super premium food, ~$80 value.  A complete new puppy kit with everything you need to get started, including a collar, leash, toys, etc..  You will be impressed.

    All show dogs require full AKC registration and breeding rights.  There is an additional charge for those rights.  That fee is determined by the type of ownership (sole or co-owned).   We have paid those additional costs in the past and don't ask any more as an additional charge that what we have paid for ourselves.  

    All futurity nominated pups we also pay those nominating fees, less the final registration.  And most importantly we provide as much or as little breeder support you need or want for as long as you need.

    I hope this helps you understand why our pups cost what they cost.  We breed quality and not quantity.  None of our bitches are breed more than 2 times.  If a bitch fails any tests, no matter the $ put in she is fixed.  We don't take short cuts with the Sire.  And provide the very best from prenatal to post birth care.  And a lifetime of support and the best guarantee around, bar none........

    If you value these things, and want the very best, then your in the right place.   If your a gambler and you want to pay a cheaper up front price.  Then good luck elsewhere.  We are interested in adding new members to our extended family and not in making $.

    Any questions please contact us, most terms are negotiable, but there are some that are not.

****** We now have a show only option where we reserve all breeding rights, if you don't want to breed you need not have to pay for them, just some testing ****** Contact for specific details